Ten thousand years ago, a human, a tall guy with brown hair, was walking in Mexico at 10:00 a.m. He was walking down the dirt road on a sunny day. A few minutes later he saw a big blue house with circular designs all over it.

When he was walking he noticed numbers on the side of the house. He thought, Those numbers seem weird. I wonder if those numbers mean something special? He decided to memorize the numbers and then left to go to his house. When he was walking home he was thinking about the numbers. This is confusing, he thought.

When he got home he got a paper and a pen from his dining table and started trying to figure out what the numbers meant. “I think this could mean something, and I’m going to figure it out,” he said.

He worked on it for forty minutes and got frustrated and confused. He ripped up the paper and threw it in the trash.

He called his friend.

“Hi,” he said, “Can you help me solve a problem?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” his friend replied, before hanging up the phone.

His house was only two blocks away, so his friend walked in three minutes later.

“Why did you call me?” he asked.

“Can you help me find a solution for these numbers?” he asked.

“Yes,” his friend said.

They started working on the numbers and after four hours they finally found a way to solve the problem. They were surprised, amazed, and happy that it finally made sense.

He ran outside of his house screaming with happiness.

“Guys, look!” he said, “I found a solution to the problem.”

When the people outside heard him they said, “That sounds cool, can we learn?”

He said, “I’m building a place in my garage, and whoever wants to come can come.”

They said, “Okay.”

He went to his garage and built a space where everybody could learn and listen. He cleared a lot of boxes that were in the way and he got five tables that were sitting in his backyard. He went to a garage sale and got sixteen chairs to put with the tables. He got paper and pencils for people to write notes or to solve the problems with him. He put a sign outside of his garage that said,“Free learning, just come inside!”

A few people came in first, and then after ten minutes more people started coming in his garage to learn. When everyone sat down he started teaching everybody the problem that he solved with his friend. It took two hours for everyone to understand because he already knew how to solve the problem. The people were excited that they were learning. He came up with a name for people who helped other people to learn. The name that he came up with for those people was “teachers.”

His students asked him what he would like to be called.

He told them, “Call me Mr. Johnson.”