The forest is a quiet place for all the animals to sleep and play. The trees smell very nice. Some of the trees are full of tasty fruits for the animals to eat. Ster lives in a pretty tree in the middle of the forest. The trees feel soft when Ster touches them. The fruits she eats taste juicy. Whenever she wakes up, she can always hear the animals nearby. Ster is the most friendly koala in the forest. She likes to play with the other koalas in the forest. She’s the one who wakes up early with the koalas. She likes to play down at the forest. She has a best friend, Rois the puppy. She likes to play with slime, with Rois the puppy. One day she couldn’t sleep a lot because there was too much noise in the forest. It was important to sleep because without a lot of sleep, she couldn’t play too much. Rois and the other koalas helped Ster find a new place to sleep. Finally, they found a nice spot on top of a tree. She was so happy, she smiled and appreciated her friends. To celebrate, everybody played a nice game of musical chairs.