One day Nacho the pig got up from his bed and was getting ready for work. First, he changed, then had breakfast, then brushed his teeth and went to work. On the way to work, he was thinking about the bridge that he left when he was eighteen. He wondered if it was still standing and if he would ever see it again.

Ten minutes later he got out of his car and went into the pet shop. He went over to the fish section and started feeding the fish. After twenty minutes of feeding the fish, he went over to the other fish and fed them. At the end of the day, he went up to the owner of the shop and asked him for his payment. He got one hundred dollars and then got in his car and left.

On the way home, he could not stop thinking about the bridge and that maybe he let his parents down by leaving.He wondered if Mr. Pig and Ms. Pig (Nacho’s aunt and uncle) were still taking care of the bridge. He also wondered if, without the bridge, the world would collapse. He was a bit scared of that idea. As soon as he got out of his car, he went into his house.

He went into the living room to read his book from 826, but when he looked up, he was so surprised he could not believe his eyes. It was his aunt and uncle! He had not seen them since he was seventeen years old (by the way, he was now thirty-six years old). He asked his aunt and uncle what they were doing in his house and how they got in.

They responded, “We need your help, and we found your key under your welcome mat outside. You have to stop putting it out there, someone will rob you.”

Nacho said, “Okay, okay, enough with that subject. What do you need my help for?”

They responded, “The bridge is collapsing and you are the only one who knows how to rebuild it. Your dad taught you.”

But Nacho said he would never go back, he didn’t want to be like the rest of his family.

Then later that night, at 12:00 a.m., he heard his aunt say,“We need you, Nacho, please help us.”

Nacho decided it would not be too bad to go with them, so he did. He woke up in the morning and started working. When he was finished he decided he liked it there so much that he would stay! So he did and he lived happily ever after.

The End.

Hey, you are still here!

Why are you still here?

You should have left where it said, “The End.”

Now, bye!!