Imagine a massive city, secretly hidden from the rest of the world which has been thriving for thousands of years, right under our noses. The people of this city have created such complex and advanced technology throughout the years that not even the best and brightest people on Earth could begin to comprehend it. This superior city was thought to have disappeared a long time ago but it still, in fact, exists in a place no one would ever think of. This incredible city is called Mohenjo Daro.
It all began thousands of years ago in the northwestern part of India. A large city known as Mohenjo Daro stood in the middle of the heavily populated Indus River Valley. It was far more advanced than the other cities that surrounded it. This city was made up of tall adobe-colored houses that towered over the city’s people, making them look tiny in comparison. It was lined with narrow streets, often filled with hurrying people and persistent street vendors. From a bird’s-eye view, the city of Mohenjo Daro resembled an enormous maze.
Mohenjo Daro was one of the many cities that was positioned right along the fertile banks of the Indus River. The long river began up in the icy peaks of the Himalayan Mountains and meandered its way down, through the many valleys and hills that covered most of the southern part of India. The river’s journey eventually ended when it merged into the Arabian Sea and disembarked into the salty ocean water.
The Indus River was sacred to the people who lived near it. Many people from Mohenjo Daro would regularly go visit the river to pray and give thanks to the gods that had bestowed upon them such a valuable waterway. The river was such a huge part of their day-to-day lives, whether it was used for cooking food, cleaning clothes, or drinking water. The people had never done anything to harm the river in any way and the river itself had never done anything to harm the people. That was, until one very rainy season.
It had been pouring relentlessly for so long that it seemed like the sky had forgotten how to end the rain. The endless rain had slowly begun to raise the water level of the river, inch by inch. It seemed as though the rain was trying desperately to make the river overflow and would not quit until it had achieved its desired result. One day, the rain finally succeeded.
Early one morning, the icy river water finally spilled over the muddy river banks and descended upon the city. At first, no one seemed to notice the rising waters, but soon people began to realize that something was wrong. As the river flooded the houses and buildings that lined the city streets people were forced to flee their homes. In the time span of ten minutes the river had already submerged the entire city, covering it like a wet blanket. Apart from a few unlucky people who, unfortunately, did not know how to swim, all were able to get out of the city safely.
The people of Mohenjo Daro took refuge in nearby cities because their own city was completely uninhabitable. They stayed where they were until the first rays of sunlight began to shine and the rainy spring season turned to summer. By then the water that had flooded the city had dried, revealing the total wreck the city had become. The tall buildings had become soggy piles of rubble and the city streets that were once packed with people were now totally abandoned.
The river had turned their beloved city into ruins. However, the citizens of Mohenjo Daro were not ones to give up and accept that their city had been destroyed. They decided to build a new city: a better one, in a place where no rivers ever flowed. They built a new city underground.
The people spent the years that followed building their new underground city and creating new kinds of advanced technology. Eventually, Mohenjo Daro grew into the superior city that it is now.
So I suppose that the lost city of Mohenjo Daro isn’t lost
after all.