One morning, as Satya was running away from a grizzly bear in the forest, she found a cave. When she went in the cave she suddenly started falling. When she stopped falling she landed in a pile of snow. Then she saw a bridge.
She was really curious, so she crossed the bridge and made it to a beach! “What in the world?” said Satya. As Satya walked further into the beach, she saw beautiful blue water and a beautiful green forest and hills. After, she saw that something was glowing in the water. She walked up to it and grabbed it. It was a pearl. Suddenly, Satya felt weird, not knowing why. Next she was speaking to animals!
She was really confused. Meanwhile, one of the foxes told Satya, “You’re the most powerful person in the majestic sea. You’re the ruler of this land. You found Meredith’s missing pearl that was lost two years ago.”
Satya said, “My mother went missing two years ago and her name was Meredith, too.”
A really nice tiger said, “That’s really weird and a coincidence.”
“Anyways, can all of you show me around?” said Satya.
All the monkeys said, “Sure, why not!”
“P.S. Sometimes we hear loud stomping. We always think about what it could be.” said Bigfoot.
A few moments later Major Moose showed Satya to her new, beautiful house with awesome Hawaiian flowers on the roof and around her door. “Thank you!” said Satya.
Later that day, it was time for dinner. Satya went outside and saw the amazing sunset. It was pink, orange, and a little blue. It made Satya feel really warm and cozy inside. Next, Satya went out looking for Violet the pony. Violet took Satya to the best restaurant.
Suddenly, everything started shaking. Satya and all her friends heard roaring noises. Then everyone got on a boat and sailed across the majestic sea. After, they all saw an awesome shining temple with dinosaur drawings all over it. When they got to shore they jumped out of the boat and explored the outside of the temple. Then Ellie the Elephant said, “There’s a dinosaur sculpture floating next to the boat.”
Major Moose said, “There’s a hole in the shape of a dinosaur!”
“Let’s try and see if the sculpture fits there!” said Tiger. Then everybody put the sculpture in the hole.
Suddenly the doors of the temple started to open. Everybody yelled with excitement. Next, they all went inside. They were in a dark room. They could see a dim light in the distance. They all started walking towards the light, and when they got close to the light, they saw so many friendly dinosaurs. “I thought they were extinct!” said Horse.
“So did I!” said Bigfoot.
Ellie said, “That explains all the loud stomping!”
Tiger said, “Let’s go down and explore!”
This piece was originally published in The Bridge Built Out of Stars, available in our store.