One day, Marcel the Unicorn felt anxious and confused because he didn’t understand what was going on with his body. He had a problem with his body because he was ugly. Then suddenly, his heart was popping like three bags of popcorn getting popped. Next, he felt lonely. Later, his head was big. Three hours later, Marcel’s wings fell off. He was frustrated. He was stomping his feet on the ground like ninety-nine elephants.

One day later, it was so cold and rainy. It all happened in the middle of nowhere. A wizard came. He was wearing a blue hat, blue jacket, and blue pants, and had blue hair peeking out of his hat. When the wizard arrived, Marcel didn’t know what to do. His lips were spicy and his nose was salty. Then the wizard said, “You’re ugly.” And then the wizard looked straight at Marcel, and Marcel was confused and surprised. It happened at the Farmers’ Unicorn Market. The wizard said, “What has happened to your body and wings?”

Marcel said, “I don’t know.” Then Marcel said, “May you please help me?”

The wizard said, “What’s the magic word?”

Suddenly, Marcel felt excited. Marcel said, “Unicorns.”

“Correct,” said the wizard.

Then Marcel stood still as the wizard said, “Abracadabra.” Thirteen seconds later, everything was normal. Marcel’s body wasn’t changing colors, and his wings never fell off. Marcel couldn’t believe it. Marcel thanked the wizard so much. Then the wizard disappeared and Marcel felt thoughtful. Ever since his wings came back, Marcel has flown every day.