I am from the stars,
waking me from my slumber,
to a dark tunnel.
From respect, humility,
and all the power of omnipotent joy.
I am from the storm,
punishing those who provoke me with my lightning
of anger.
I am from the canvas containing the bright blue
of confidence,
housing my legacy
‘til the end of time.
I am from family,
emanating love and happiness,
keeping my soul afloat.
I am from energy and active hobbies,
from the strength
to keep me walking.
I am from hope and effort,
so I can learn how to make my way in the world.
I am from time,
about my future,
if I get buried alive,
or if I thrive with a big family.
I am from youth,
to the light,
the light symbolizing endless sleep,
the light of departure,
the light showing sadness
and celebration.
The light at the end of the tunnel,
symbolizing the end of the line,
showing me the finish,
readying me
for what comes next.
This piece was originally published in A Dazzling Rainbow on the Side, available in our store.