It was early morning, an alarm hummed quietly in the corner
of Alistar’s room. She opened her eyes slowly, exhausted from
the previous night of battling aliens from five galaxies away. A
signal had been detected of a possible alien attack on the planet
“. . . ”. Alistar wasn’t too excited for another battle so soon after
such a long night, but this was what she was made to do. She
peeled out of bed, slid her slippers on, and pressed the button
to her alien fighting hatch, allowing it to open up and transform
into a modern space station, with her “. . .” and “. . .” to take her
wherever she needed to go. She knew she had to hurry up, but
all she could think about was a quick Mars-style coffee to get
her going. The alarm now hummed a bit louder, as the threat
of the aliens on planet “. . .” grew. From across the house you
could hear Alistar’s dad yell, “Turn that thing off, it’s 5 a.m. on
a Saturday!”
Alistar laughed as she put on her space suit and called out,
“You’ve got it dad.”