Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to tell you that the future is so much
more beautiful and safer than 2022. Remember that day I told
you goodbye? Well that’s when I realized I had to leave and look
for it. You might be wondering how I found this “special thing.”
Well, that “special thing” is a door, not just any door, it’s a magic
door. Not magic-like powers but it brings you to this future
beautiful place! That’s where I am. There is still technology,
but there aren’t cars or “modern” pollution. It kinda looks like
a fairy/cottage palace. The houses are cottages like the Snow
White house and there is this pond or lake that shimmers when
the sunlight shines. There are many trees, and I found this really
cool secret pond. It is my place to run away. I set up this picnic
with all of the foods we love. But there is a problem; you can’t
go through (sorry 🙁 ).
The founder put this thing where only family hands can
touch then go through. BUT! I have an idea! Get my old self ’s
(your present me) DNA and use it as your own hand. 50% of
people know you and you are one of them! It’s in the woods, oh!
Look on Google, you can find it there where people go and look
for the door. they don’t know that they need the family gene-
hand-thing. The only reason I got in is because my great, great,
great, great, great grandfather was the creator. That’s all for
now. Sorry, hope to see you soon. Bye.