Hi person reading this,
I will be telling you in my own words how I see the future.
Let’s get started! So I see the future with really tall buildings,
cyborgs, flying cars, robots, animals, forests not existing, just
never ending cities. Wars are banned and illegal in all countries.
Nobody’s suffering from poverty anymore. My home is the same,
everything is still there. I want to see more peace, no more danger
with theft or such. What I don’t wanna see is people hurting
each other, wars expanding and people suffering from poverty
or more. I think there would be holographic robots, robot dogs
and more. My advice for myself is to be kind, be humble, and
take care of yourself. This future is 100 years from now. So how
you would enter the future would be through the door which
could only be accessible by me, fairies, and who I want to go
through. Once you enter, you get greeted by fairies, you get
cookies and food of your choice. Then they let you sit on the
couch and have a blanket. If you like, you can get a thing from
the home. When you’re ready, they let you leave.
Goodbye, see you someday soon.