I am bright as a sun and cold like the wind.
I am red like fruit punch and green like a bush.
I have to be washed and wet.
Then put me in a bowl, and chop up the surface of me, and eat me with my family.
I’m so delicious on desserts.
I’m so shiny and also small, and I’m gushy in your mouth when you digest me.
I’m so red that I match with your clothes.
People say I’m delicious. That’s why I’m so sweet.
I’m so small as an ant that you can sometimes eat me in one bite.
I am spectacular, sweet, and smooth.
I am so fiery, flames come out of me.
I’m so shiny, the Sun said, “Why you take my job?”
When people see me, they do a victory dance.
Who am I? I’m a strawberry!