Fortnite is incredibly overrated. The one thing that separates the game from others of its genre makes it worse, which is the building mechanic. I believe the building is bad because “It promotes senseless play styles that impress people who don’t know what they’re watching because the builder doesn’t know what he’s doing.” (Kevin Mahoney from This is important because it shows that Fortnite may not be based completely off of skill, and that the building mechanic might not be as good as people think.
Another thing I don’t like about the building mechanic is build battles. I don’t like these because I feel the winner is mostly the player who doesn’t fall off the build, which is just a tall weird looking tower of spammed wood. The loser isn’t shot, but eliminated by themselves. This is bad because it may cause people to practice building, but it’s no use, it’s mostly all about luck.
Another reason I think Fortnite is overrated is because of automatic weapons based off the roll of a dice. For example, the spread of automatic weapons is based off the roll of the dice. For example: the spread of automatic weapons is completely random. So damage and where you hit, and whether you hit or not, are all random and based on luck. According to Connor Sun on, “RNG in a game of 100 (give or take) is just too unbalanced. And people can die and lose the game simply because the game wanted to screw them over. Why should players be rewarded for holding down the button longer than someone else?” This is important because it shows that the game is based on luck, and you can fail due to being unlucky and your opponent being lucky.
A third and final reason that I believe Fortnite is overrated is because of microtransactions (in-game purchases). I personally think these are bad because people spend money maybe too much on items that they will get bored of in a week at least, like skins. According to Connor Sun on, “Skins do not measure skill. They may not even measure devotion to the game.” I personally agree with this, because I feel like players will be under or overestimated based on skins. For example, there will be people playing and saying to their team, “guys there are no skins, we can kill them.” And of course, they die and throw the controller across the room or slam their keyboard. This shows that people can maybe get unnecessarily frustrated, because maybe they care just a little too much.
These are the three reasons why I believe Fortnite is overrated: the building mechanic, RNG, and microtransactions.