4000 B.C.
Long ago, in the mountains of Greece, lived Mr. Johnson, a brave and clever man. He had studied the temperature over the years. Over time he realized that the temperature was increasing every day, until it was up to 119 ̊. He decided to go on a journey to ask the gods to cool down the world. He was strong enough for the journey. He packed his bag and began.
4001 B.C.
Mr. Johnson began his journey. He walked to Lake Athena where he sat down and tried to think of a way to cool down the world. He failed but decided he would ask Diana for help, since she was the goddess of nature.
4002 B.C.
Mr. Johnson was climbing up the mountain that led to the stars when he suddenly realized that it had gotten colder. He realized he was surrounded by a thick, white substance. He quickly took a jar out of his bag and took a sample of it.
4003 B.C.
Mr. Johnson began climbing up into the stars, which led up to the heavens where the gods lived. On his way up he noticed that the gods had this substance that cooled stuff down all around their temple. He decided that he would insist that they share some with the world.
4004 B.C.
Mr. Johnson reached the old gray temple of the gods and walked right up to Diana, goddess of nature, and asked for her to give the world fog. At first she refused, saying, “This is only a luxury for gods who have worked hard in their careers.” But when he kept on asking her, she finally gave in and agreed to give them fog.
4005 B.C.
When he left the temple of the gods he began his journey home. When he reached Lake Athena he could see the fog rolling in. At once he could feel an immense coldness everywhere.
4006 B.C.
After about a month of fog, the world began turning so cold, it was almost freezing. People complained, claiming, “If the world stays this temperature we will all freeze and die.” Mr. Johnson walked over to the closest temple and prayed to the gods to warm up the earth. So they brought out the sun. Now, whenever it gets too hot, they bring out the fog, and whenever it’s too cold, they bring out the sun.