A long time ago there was a village of people living on the Earth. Everything was calm and peaceful. The only problem was that the Earth liked food and he wanted some. Recently, the Earth had gotten more hungry. The villagers wanted to make the Earth happy. They needed to make more food for the Earth to enjoy.

One day the villagers gave him some food. It was mac and cheese and chicken tenders. The Earth said, “Yummm, I like the food but I want more flavor.”

One of the villagers said, “How about spicy ribs? My grandmother makes them. They are sweet and spicy!”

The villagers gave him spicy ribs. They were too hot and he started to shake. All the houses in the village fell because he was shaking because of the food. The Earth loved the food and asked for the recipe.

The Earth found the recipe and learned how to make it himself. Now the Earth knows how to shake and make an earthquake.