You’re on a two-day ski trip at Kirkwood in Tahoe. The first day is amazing, the snow is fresh and the snow keeps falling. Once the day ends you say, “Wow that was the best ski day of my life.” The next day you get up and look at your phone and it says the snow melted and then froze. Then it says the mountain is closed and unsafe. Unpredictable conditions like these are happening to all ski resorts because of global warming. The inconsistent snow makes people not go to the ski resorts, therefore they go out of business.
Some mountain resorts are at a higher elevation and some are at lower elevation, some will be safe some won’t. Lower elevation mountains are cheaper and easier to get to and better for beginners. The higher elevation mountains, like the Wasatch Backcountry, the Rockies, and Sierra Nevada will be safer from global warming. Those higher elevation mountains are harder to get to, more expensive, and for experts. According to Powder Magazine it says that, “The higher elevation ski resorts in the Rockies, the Wasatch, and the Sierra Nevada will be somewhat insulated from climate change, while the lower elevation guys will take much
bigger hits.”
Ski resorts add money to the economy and have paid people fairly for years now. Ski resorts have food there at the lodges, which usually start as a solo business, then get their dream of being a great restaurant. According to, skiing added an estimated 23 billion to the economy. Without skiing many solo companies would not be around, so they’d become bankrupt and go out of business.
Mountain resorts get worse conditions so mountain resorts lose money and go out of business. If mountain resorts go out of business the economy could lose money, and where would skiers go to have fun? If big steps are not taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the amount isn’t stabilized in the atmosphere, ski seasons will still be shorter by the end of the century.
It could take away jobs from so many people. Think about how many jobs would be taken away and leave so many people unemployed. Skiing resorts employ close to a million people. Colorado alone has 44,000 people employed and it’s still growing. According to, the winter sports industry alone generates 72 billion dollars annually and supports over half a million jobs.
So, losing skiing will affect the economy and will leave a lot of people unemployed and finally it will take the fun out of our lives.