George was eating Takis and having a dream about making a bridge, but the water was like ice. He had an idea that the builders could use swimsuits so they would not get wet. They could make a wall to not let the sharks in there.
He went to an island with an airplane. The white airplane was big and had wings. He was there and could visit other locations on the island. He wanted more stuff in the other house, like house furniture, so his family would visit him. He got helpers.
They built the house for two years. When it was finished, all the people went to the bridge and went to the island. They started to live on the other islands. They built pools, started schools, and worked there. They started to bring more people. They had to polish furniture, like chairs, and they built more on the bridge. When it was on top of the water, they let people walk on the side of the street and look at the sea, waves, and sea animals. The sea animals were as big as six feet. They were able to take photos and see the view of other islands. The sea animals were big and people could fly over them on a plane.
They decided to call it Zobiey Zombies. They were going to destroy everything in their way, for example: buildings, houses, and apartments. People were amazed and surprised by how big the sea animals were. They were flying in the air and back to the water.
The world was breaking and all the zombies got sucked up by a vacuum as big as a house. It collected all the zombies, but no humans. The zombies were turned into humans. The humans called the bridge the Golden Gate Bridge and they loved it.
This piece was originally published in I Dream That Narwhals Are Dancing, available in our store.