Students and Superheros: a report from the Latino Comics Expo

Student reviewer GiuseppeThis past weekend, one of 826’s After-school Tutoring students attended the First Annual Latino Comics Expo. With tickets donated by Ricardo Padilla and the Cartoon Museum, nine-year-old Giuseppe Pacheco visited the exhibit with his father and reported on the amazing art he found:

I went to the Cartoon Museum to the Latino Comics Expo. We drove there and we got there very fast. When we got there it was a little bit full. There were mostly adults there. I wish there were more kids at the museum.

My favorite thing at the Cartoon Museum was the comics. I really liked that the artist there were drawing there for everyone to see. My favorite comic was Anthony Oropeza’s Amigoman. I like Amigoman as a hero because I like his punching superpowers. Amigoman doesn’t remind me of any other superhero because he is unique. I wish there were more superheroes like him. If I could make a superhero I would make “Spaceman” and he would use all the elements like water, fire, rainbows, earth, and air.

My dad and I got a chance to talk with Anthony. I told him that his comic was very funny and he said, “Thank you.” My dad asked Anthony if we could buy one of his comics, he said yes and gave us a discount. The best part is that he signed my copy of Amigoman.

At school today I showed my comic book to my teacher and friends and they all liked it. They were all sad they weren’t invited to the museum. I would like to go next year. If I go next year I would like to see new comics and meet new people. I would invite my godparents, more kids my age, my friends, and I would make it free for everyone.

826 Valencia would like to thank Ricardo Padilla for donating tickets to the event. If Giuseppe’s rave review left you interested in Anthony Oropeza’s, check out his website for more art.