Meet Ame Szasz – Our January Teacher of the Month!

Meet Ame Szasz - Our January Teacher of the Month!We are delighted to announce our January 2024 Teacher of the Month! Ms. Ame Szasz is a 3rd grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary School. She is being recognized for her passion, work ethic, and commitment to her students, school, and community.

Ms. Szasz is one amazing teacher! She understands that not all families have extra time to help their kiddos with homework. So, she goes above and beyond to help her students reach their highest potential in reading, writing, and math. She even has mini-workshops that are super fun and engaging, so no one falls behind. Ms. Szasz has taught her students that making mistakes is just part of the learning process and that learning is always an adventure! This kind of positive attitude gives her students the confidence and motivation to keep trying their best.


She’s always on the go with the PTA and loves getting involved with everything that’s happening at school. She takes the kids on the coolest field trips around San Francisco, showing them all the different sides and cultures that make up our awesome community, from big to small. It’s such a great way for them to learn and understand what makes us all unique!


One parent shares, “My grandson has trouble taking tests. They are learning their multiplication tables and have 45 seconds to look at the equation and write the answer. Because of his fear, he ‘freezes’ thereby using up precious time. Ms. Szasz recognized this and became his ‘pencil’.  He would look at the equation, tell her the answer and she would write it down. This process has given him more confidence and the last test he took, he wrote the answers himself with six seconds left over. Ms. Szasz is one of those teachers who my grandson will always remember, and so will I.”


The students love Ms. Szasz’s class because she’s hilarious, creative, and has a blast teaching. She’s kind yet firm with her students and leads by example, earning the admiration of parents and colleagues alike. Her friendly and open demeanor makes kids feel comfortable to share their thoughts, knowing she won’t judge them, but rather guide them with kindness and compassion. 


Another parent says, “Our class has become a family, and the kids all look after each other. Like all families, there are sometimes squabbles, but she takes the parties aside and helps them to see what was wrong about the situation, how to resolve it, and do better in their relationships with each other.”


Ms. Szasz is an amazing teacher with a contagious energy that inspires and motivates her students. She leads by example and models the behavior that she expects from her students, which makes her approachable and fair. The students admire her and their attitude towards her reflects that admiration. She teaches with love, faith, and confidence, and this shows in how much her students love her.