Celebrating our January Teacher of the Month, Tomás Enguídanos

826 Valencia is proud to bring in the New Year with our January Teacher of the Month, Mr. Tomás Enguídanos! Mr. Enguídanos teaches English Language Development, Computers, and Special Education at Bryant Elementary School, a high-need school in the Mission District. He is known for his dedication both during the school day and in the many after school programs he oversees. Enthusiastic, creative, and multi-talented, Mr. Enguídanos can be found playing the bongos with his students or laughing with them in computer lab.

“He helps us with our spelling, typing, and reading,” one of his current students writes. “The book we read for reading group was so awesome and fun.” By choosing books that his students can relate to, Mr. Enguídanos helps his students get excited about learning. Many of his students agree that he has a great sense of humor and is always making them laugh. “Mr. Tomás is a great teacher because he is very helpful in our school,” another student says. He often helps other classes set up their projectors and computers.

Mr. Enguídanos supports his students’ enrichment outside of the classroom by hosting after-school events and clubs. He created a music club where he teaches students to play different instruments. “Mr. Tomás is great at music. He built his own ukulele!” one student says. He also runs a mariachi club and an open mic for students to proudly display their creative talents. “The students love him. He plays music for them and he is very kind and supportive,” writes one of Mr. Enguidanos’s peers.

As a student attests, “Mr. Tomás is not only great, but he’s amazing.” We would have to agree! Mr. Enguídanos, from the 826 team, thank you for all that you do for your students and your community.

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