The benefits of volunteering

“Quite a few volunteers at 826 are retired teachers or artists, who can continue to live out their passions and enjoy their interests while giving back, says Lila Cutter, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at 826.

Volunteer tutor Dan Doherty benefits from his time helping kids. He spent his 75th birthday helping two brothers with a story and podcast about Mr. Nibbles, a small stuffed lamb. And the volunteering helps him with other passions too. ‘Finding the Tenderloin Center was a real bonus since I walk there every day with the purpose of exercising,’ he told 826, ‘helping to keep me healthy and going forward.'”

How amazing is Dan? You can also volunteer your skill set with us and have a memorable experience. (Mr. Nibbles not included). Read the full post on the Zendesk’s website for some inspiration.