The Moon Changed Me, stories of wonder and whimsy

On May 22nd, 2015, 826 Valencia hosted the release party for the fourth whimsical installment from the students at Buena Vista Horace Mann, entitled The Moon Changed Me. The book, showcasing the talents and imaginations of third, fourth, and fifth-grade students, is a compilation of short stories and persuasive pieces, representing their hard work and dedication all school year. Students responded to a range of topics, from “What would make the best new 826 Valencia?” to “What would a day look like without any rules?” and explored new characters in new worlds.

Students, teachers, tutors, families, and friends gathered in the Writers’ Room at 826 Valencia to share milk and cookies, and celebrate the growth and achievement made this school year. The partnership with 826 Valencia and BVHM is in its second year, which means that some of the authors were celebrating being published for the fourth time! As one student proudly asked his principal, “Do you want my autograph? I’m a published author now.”

We look forward to hearing more from the imaginations of these fledgling authors when they return to the After School program at BVHM in the fall, refreshed and inspired after a summer full of new adventures.

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