The Winter 100 Club: Nautically Yours

We closed out the month of January by celebrating that most spectacular group of high-achieving 826 Valencia volunteers known to us and the world as the 100 Club. Comprised of about a hundred volunteers who have accrued the most service hours from the previous semester, the 100 Club never fails to inspire us with its passion and dedication.

This winter’s celebration was a highly nautical affair, generously hosted by veteran After-School Tutoring volunteer Richard Haiduck and his wife Barb at the South Beach Yacht Club. Our revelers were treated to a twinkling view of the Bay, with dinner catered by La Méditerrannée and Ali Baba’s Cave, and dessert by Palmyra. Partygoers tried their luck and skill at games like Liar’s Dice and Slapjack, crafted and displayed their own nautical flags, and wrote down sweet recollections of 826 tutoring experiences. A few 6-word-memoirs of 826 tutoring experiences that were shared included:

“World less awful reading books together”

“My favorite rays of sunshine, BVHM”

“‘No way I’ll write.’ He did!”

After we’d all eaten our fill, hopped on the mic to share an 826 tutoring memory, and tested some friendships at the card and dice tables, everyone was rewarded with a special edition beanie emblazoned with the logo of King Carl’s Emporium, the storefront of 826’s new Tenderloin center.

As 826 Valencia’s reach expands, one thing that never changes is the fact that the success of our programs depends on the hard work and tenacity of our stellar volunteers. The Tenderloin expansion means our programming is growing fast, and our volunteer force is growing to match. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can start by registering here: We’d love to see you at our next celebration!

Listed below are the awe-inspiring members of our Fall 2015 100 Club.We treasure every opportunity to honor this amazing group of people. Applause for all!

Kiley McLaughlin, Volunteer Engagement Associate

Jennifer AltonAna ArandaEmily BallaineAntoinette BartonRichtan Batac

David Becker

Susan Birnbaum

Lindsey Bourne

Jennifer Braun

Wren Brennan

Jayme Brown

Joel Brown

David Brownell

Chelsea Bryan

Jamieson Bunn

Jozefien Buydens

Margherita Buzzi

Edmund Cavagnaro

Darren Chan

David Chang

Janice TingChun Cho

Sarah Clark

Kimberly Connor

John Creagan

Arlen Cuevas

Catherine Dory Culver

Liam Curly

Shannon David

Dave Dávila

Nancy Delgado

Adriana del Mar

Laura Depta

Ashley Despain

Kristen DeVilbiss

Shelby DeWeese

Lavinia Dimond

Nada Djordjevich

Cathryn Domrose

Joanna Ellis

James Emerman

Ian Evans

Britta Fithian-Zum

Darryl Forman

Jack Fowler

Kristina Garrett

Sarah Gannett

Will Georgantas

Einat Gilboa

Sarah Glover

Isabella Gordillo

Maggie Grainger

Joseph Green

Anna Gross

Natalie Guo

Annelise Hagar

Richard Haiduck

Jenna Hernandez

Alice Hoult

Nicholas Howard

Jessica Hemerly

Austin Hoffman

Emily Holt

Gregory Hosono

Ash Huang

Amy Ithurburn

Ilya Kaltman

Renee Kaufman

Elizabeth Kert

Jonathan Koshi

Matthew Krieger

Isabella Kung

Andrea Lacorrazza

Jennifer Larson

Helaine Lasky Schweitzer

Cindy Kuan-Ching Lee

Gloria Lenhart

Andrew Lehman

Jerry Li

Jennifer Lin

Christina Liu

Tracy Liu

Kirsten Zoe Luhtala

Kehau Lyons

John-Paul Mackey

Martin Malloy

Naomi Marcus

Magdalena Mardinian

Katherine Marsh

Sarah Martin

Katie McMurran

Helaine Melnitzer

Burt Meyer

Meghan Mikhail

Maggie Millner

Zach Miners

Eunice Moyle

Lauren Mulkey

Katherine Murphy

Sonja Murphy

Phoebe Myers

Marilyn Nichols

John Odell

Aidan O’Flynn

Chiara Packard

Mary Lou Paredes

Kate Park

Summer ParkerPerry

Sejal Patel

Talia Pines

Dale Pitman

William Poole

Merle Rabine

Bulmaro Ramirez

Will Randick

Tim Ratanapreukskul

Emily Ratto

Meg Ray

Charles Raznikov

Olga Rodriguez

Katerin Romero

Raul Rossell

Benjamin Rowen

Julia Ruiz

Brooke Rusenko

Marie Sbrocca

Johann Schiffer

Patrice Scinta

Kim Scupham

Eva Shantharam

Emma Sherwood-Forbes

Fredric Silverman

Samantha Silvestri

Julie Smith

Annalise Stromsa

Dave Struthers

Taylor Swaty

Reina Takahashi

Grant Tanenbaum

Michelle Tay

Kevin Teh

Stephanie Theune

Sietske Tjallingii

Melissa van Gelder

Nikhil Wadhwani

Taylor Wallau

Kaia Waller

Nancy Ware

JianHui Wei

Donna Williamson

Micah Wilson

Lindsay Wing

Kevin Wofsy