Three cheers for Jen Davis, our September Volunteer of the Month

The school year has fired off like a cannonball, bringing lots of dedicated volunteers to our centers to support our students throughout another academic year. And speaking of dedication, we’re pleased to introduce you to Jen Davis, our September Volunteer of the Month. She has spent two years—and over 100 hours!—listening thoughtfully to student ideas and honoring their creativity with patience and curiosity. Read on to learn more about this great volunteer.

What is one of your favorite memories from volunteering at 826 Valencia?

It’s so much fun to encourage kids to think creatively. Last year, a student was explaining the plot of her story to me and she said, “I have so many great ideas, I wish I had two brains to hold all of them!”
What led you to become part of our volunteer community?

826 was on my radar for years before the timing finally worked out and I could volunteer. I was hooked after my very first Storytelling and Bookmaking Field Trip, the combination of kids and creative writing is simply magical.
Do you prefer pirates or pufferfishes, and why?

Thanks to Captain Blue and his crazy crew, pirates will always have a special place in my hearrrrrrt.
What would we find you doing when not volunteering at 826?

You’d probably find me hiking with friends, cooking with my husband, or re-watching The Office with my teenagers. My daughter plays volleyball and my son plays basketball, so I get to spend lots of time in gyms around the Bay Area cheering for my kids.
What is a piece of advice you would give a new 826 volunteer?

There’s more than one way to get through to a reluctant writer. Be patient and keep trying — it’s so rewarding once you make that connection.
Feeling inspired to join our family? We have big plans with the opening of our enchanted forest-themed Mission Bay Center next year, which will require lots of hardy volunteers. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities and join up today.
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