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The Oasis

The Oasis is your trusty compilation of volunteer resources, training materials, inspiration, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer looking to expand your knowledge and skill set or a new tutor preparing for that first volunteering shift, this page is for you.

Each month on the Oasis, we’ll feature a topic that we believe is integral to creating a more inclusive community, advancing our tutoring skills, and supporting our students. Learn more about this month’s topic below!

Our Tutoring Values
These are the principles that will guide you as you work with students.
We believe that all students have the capacity and desire to learn. We set and maintain high expectations for growth.
We believe that every student is inherently worthy and deserving of respect. We honor their assets, backgrounds, interests, and life experiences.
We believe in the importance of meeting each student’s unique needs. We adapt our approach for diverse learners.
We believe that tutoring (like writing) is a practice. We commit to self-reflection, receptivity, and continuous improvement.

Learning Tools

"Not sure if you’re aware, but children are hilarious. Yet, tutoring is hard. The kids are the walking/talking, sometimes dancing or doing karate, embodiment of hope, so I keep coming back for the laughs, for the satisfaction of helping kids grow, for the lessons I learn, and for my hope fix."

— Annie Norris, former 826 Valencia Volunteer of the Month

Resourcesfor the journey

A first draft is like a lump of clay. It’s not a sculpture yet, not complete. The art is in the editing, but you need that lump of clay first. Get the writing down, get it out, as much as you can. After six years of volunteering, I still fumble, I still ask questions and look for advice, too. I’m still the clay. But that’s what 826 is here for. It’s where students and teachers come together to share and experiment and try. Just dive in and listen.

— Liam Curley, former 826 Valencia Volunteer of the Month

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