We blasted off into the future of the past at our annual 100 Club!

If there’s two things that we are overly fond of, it’s our volunteers and wacky themes. Last week, we got the chance to combine these two affections in the form of our 100 Club — a yearly celebration of our most committed volunteers. This year, as a homage to entering another (very futuristic) decade, we honored these volunteers with an equally innovative party theme: RetroFutureTopia. What does this mean? Well, picture what you thought 2020 would look like in, say, 1990. You thought we would have jet packs and stuff, right? Us too. And we’re not giving up. 

The walls of Slate Bar were adorned with decorations (made by Sendy Santamaria, one of our wonderful design associates!) from the past and future (silver, of course) and the tables were piled high with modern fare: from tamales to pizza to pastries. Craftiness was on display as volunteers and staff created their own futuristic buttons, and creativity was in full force as attendees played a wacky round of Bingo. A special thank you to Susan Birnbaum, Kate Marsh, and Ed Cavagnaro — all three superstar tutors who you might’ve met — for their help in making this event a success!


We were so happy to hear from some of our wonderful volunteers, staff, and alumni — and feel so grateful for all who were able to attend. Our volunteers are the backbone of our work, and we will jump at any and every opportunity to celebrate their commitment to our students! A special thank you to all of those vendors who made this wonderful evening possible: Slate Bar, Goat Hill Pizza, La Reyna Bakery, and Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas. 



We were so excited to share this evening with everyone, and are looking forward to so many more fun ways to celebrate our many wonderful community members! A huge thank you to all of those who continue to lend us their support.