Welcome Randy Hyde, our new Development Director

Welcome Randy Hyde, our new Development Director

Welcome our new Development Director, Randy Hyde!

Intrepid intern Misha Aziz interviewed the latest member of our staff to give you the insider scoop on Mr. Randy Hyde.

826 Valencia: What was your opinion on pirates pre-826?

Randy Hyde: I thought they were hairier. Now I feel like I’m the hairy one.

826 Valencia: What has been the most positive experience at 826 so far?

Randy Hyde: How welcoming and warm everyone has been. They are all accepting of everyone’s quirks.

826 Valencia: How did you become introduced to 826?

Randy Hyde: I found out about 826 through my MFA program at Antioch. There was a lot of talk about what 826 was doing. It was exciting that someone was attaching literary arts to education. Someone was getting kids exited about writing, editing, and publishing. It’s great for me as a writer to be in this world.

826 Valencia: How does it feel to work on a pirate ship?

Randy Hyde: It’s nauseating. I’m constantly in fear of catching scurvy.

826 Valencia: What do you do at 826?

Randy Hyde: I’m Director of Development. I’m responsible for raising money, building relationships, and making sure we can achieve our dreams.