Writing Out Loud

This summer, six student storytellers came together in a workshop led by Dana Belott, Dory Culver, and Ed Cavagnaro to write and record their own podcasts. They wrote personal, hilarious, heartbreaking, and powerful pieces that are meant to be heard aloud, not just printed on the page. Then they practiced reading them again and again. Finally, they recorded their final product — and the result is the following series of stories, ready to go straight to your earbuds. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Glory Chung, The Day I Lost My House
Devon Dela Cruz, Bullying Resolutions
Julian Kleppe, Food Snob
Tafari Norton, School Lessons from the Black Lives Matter Movement
Diego Frankel, My Pokemon
Cora Thornton-Silver, Nostalgia Land*

*We support our students in sharing their stories, some of which may be disturbing or not appropriate for all ages. This piece is recommended for listeners ages 16 and up.